“Quality that distinguishes your products.”

We are a company with more than 50 years in the textile industry and we specialize in the industrial production of sweaters and other knitted fabric garments.

Located in the city of Mercedes, Buenos Aires, in Argentina, Neila SA has skilled staff and appropriate technology to develop all the necessary productive processes for the manufacturing of the garment.

With a working area that allows us to produce as far as 20,000 garments a month, our factory stands out as one of the most efficient and developed productive factories.

Innovation, quality and compromise are characteristics that distinguish our company from its very beginning; that is the reason why national and international leading brands have trusted us to produce their garments.

Show the difference

The market demands the best raw materials, good completions, a variety of models, and long lasting garments.Quality is a determinant when you have to decide upon a purchase, that is the reason why at Neila SA, we work with the best threads available, we control the production processes to have the best products, and we guarantee that they are stable garments with a great added value.

Our experience places us as a leader company in the textile market that is why when you have to think about your supplier, you have to think about us.

We can advice you before and after buying, with a personalized help and a strong will to solve our clients’ needs.

Tell us your needs and find, in our company, a strategic ally to reach the results that you expect for your business.